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Click and Haul Program

Costs and Guidelines

The minimum fee is just $72 per collection for up to 6 cubic yards of stuff, which would approximately fill two standard pickup truck beds. The cost of service is placed on the next utility bill for payment.

Quantity Fee
Up to 2 pickup truck beds of junk or debris $72
Up to 3 – 4 pickup truck beds of junk or debris $121
Up to 5 – 6 pickup truck beds of junk or debris $180
Up to 7 – 8 pickup truck beds of junk or debris $260

Most loads incur the minimum fee of $72. Please email or call 720-977-6200 for pricing information on larger loads.

*We reserve the right to add an additional fee of $30 per mattress depending on the size of the pile of debris left for collection.

*There will be a fee of $10 added to your utility bill if Click & Haul appointment needs to be cancelled and is not done so 24 hours beforehand.

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What is eligible?

Furniture, appliances, mattresses/box springs, hot water heaters, fence panels, branches, remodeling debris, yard waste, etc.

What is NOT eligible?

Certain electronics such as televisions, computer monitors, printers, laptops, DVD players, stereos, and video game consoles. NO hazardous materials or liquids (i.e., flammable liquids, oil, paint, fertilizer, chemical cleaners, etc.). NO tires. NO concrete or masonry demolition (driveway concrete, wall blocks or gravel). NO dirt or sod.

To cancel or reschedule

In the event that you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, please email or call 720-977-6200.

If you are not a current Thornton trash customer

If you are not a current Thornton trash customer, but reside within City limits and would like to schedule a Click & Haul, the following guidelines apply:

  • We must be able to pick up debris in a safe manner. A supervisor may need to come and evaluate your address prior to scheduling the appointment.
  • If you reside on a private street, a waiver will need to be signed; please call us for details.
  • If you do not receive a utility bill from the city of Thornton and need to use a credit card, there will be an additional $5 fee.


Trash & Recycle Service Requests

Costs and Guidelines

The current fee for Thornton's Solid Waste Collection Program is $17.50 per month, and will appear on your water bill. The $17.50 per month charge includes a weekly collection of solid waste and every-other-week collection of recycling materials. This service is limited to ONE black container for solid waste. There is an additional charge for each additional black container with a maximum of four containers. Green containers filled with trash will not be emptied.

Quantity Monthly Fee
One black container $17.50
Two black containers $22.00
Three black containers $33.90
Four black containers $45.80

If you need to set up new service, if you missed your trash or recycle collection, or if you need more information about our services please email or call 720-977-6200.